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Bonding to the Beat aims to enrich the lives of children through the combination of music and faith. We have created fun and engaging music enrichment programs for local child care facilities and families.

Child Care Facilities

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Our mission is simple. We aim to enrich the lives of children through the combination of music and faith. Our goal is to create an upbeat, positive learning environment where children can discover the magic of music, and through this, cultivate the love of God.

Current Child Care Facilities:

  • Holy Trinity 

  • Acacia Stapleton 

  • Bethany Early Childhood Center 

  • Livingway Christian Preschool  


15 minutes of Music Instruction:

$35 per class

-Teacher led group song

-Teacher led movement song

-Cool down/Goodbye Song

*Recommended for children under the age of 2


30 minutes of Music Instruction:

$65 per class

-Teacher led group song

-Teacher led movement song

-Structured instrument play

-Free music play

-Cool down/Goodbye song

*Recommended for children 2 and up

Family Music Classes

Because the family unit is important to God, it is just as important to us at Bonding to the Beat! When children are exposed to music at an early age, it helps with developmental skills such as listening, cognition, memory, reading, gross motor, imagination and so much more! At Bonding to the Beat we believe that children should not only be exposed to music at an early age, but they should also carry the love of Jesus in their hearts through song as well! In our music class setting, families will connect with God as well as their families through the love of Jesus and the power of music! Special bonding time is shared among one another and parents are provided with the necessary tools to take home and continue on the musical experience there!

Family music classes will come with 1 CD and 1 makeup class.

*For families who have children ages 5 and under

$155 for 1 child. 10 Weeks/45 minute class per week.

$77 for each additional sibling 9 months and older.


  1. Refund Policy – Full payment is due at the time of registration. If you cancel prior to two weeks before your first class a full refund will be issued. If you cancel after two weeks prior to your first class, a cancellation fee of $20 will be taken out of your refund. There are NO refunds after the first class but make-up classes can be arranged upon availability.

  2. Sibling Drop Ins – if you have another child (sibling) that is not registered but needs to come on occasion there is a sibling drop-in fee based on your location (see Welcome email). Email request is not necessary. Sibling Drop-Ins cannot be exchanged for Make-Up Classes.


  1. Please refrain from bringing food to class - we need to keep all crumbs out of the room with so many food allergies to be mindful of.

  2. Please refrain from any parent chatter - talking in class is disruptive to the children, the other parents and the teacher.

  3. Children are free to move around the room and do not need to sit still though we do ask that you try to keep the running at a minimum.

  4. Participate!

  5. Have fun!

  6. Please be on time.